Mercedes e 350
V6 Turbo Diesel
Called to this vehicle as it was showing an engine management warning light after sitting unused for a period of time.
Carried out diagnostic tests and found a component failure with the inlet manifold flap motor.
After sourcing parts, we returned to the vehicle and began to remove the components required to gain access to the motor.
This involved removing the turbo charger. Once this was done and the old motor was removed it became apparent that the bank 1 inlet manifold flaps were seized inside the manifold itself.
After some perseverance and careful manipulation we managed to free these off – saving the customer at least £400 in new parts alone!
We needed a bit of creativity in using some fishing line (!) to locate and pull in the clips into the motor control arm.
Vehicle was then reassembled with new gaskets and seals, faults cleared, road tested and is now running at optimum performance 😁😁 (a very quick car! 🏎️🏎️🏎️)
merc e350 bonnet
merc turbo
merc clips
merc new parts
van at work on merc fault

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