We will give your vehicle a full inspection which exceeds minimum industry standards (i.e higher standard than the minimum standard MOT inspection).

This will ensure that you have a good understanding of the current condition of your vehicle as well as any work that needs carried out.

We will issue you with a full written report of our findings and can discuss which repairs are required urgently, and those which are advised within the next 12 months.

** Pre MOT Inspections**

We can inspect your vehicle prior to MOT and carry out any repairs identified by our technician as being required. However a pass at MOT will be subject to the tester’s discretion and there may be differences of opinion within certain parameters. 

Although we will identify any issues to our usual high level of quality, and have undertaken MOT Tester training, we cannot accept responsibility if the vehicle subsequently goes on to fail a test. However we would be happy to support you if you choose to appeal an MOT fail, if we feel this has been an unfair result. 

Car on ramps for inspection and repair
Car on ramps for inspection and service