It’s been a busy few weeks here at Alba Auto Tech.
Here are some photos from a recent clutch and flywheel replacement on an Audi A4 Avant.
The customer had issues with a very high clutch biting point and the start of clutch slip.
He had priced genuine parts in preparation for the repair to be carried out and almost fell over at the price! 😳😳😳 (to be fair so did I).
After a bit of research and shopping around we managed to source the correct parts at almost quarter of the price.
This would be a tricky job on a 2 post ramp let alone on axle stands! However with a bit of perseverance the job was carried out in good time. After removing the gearbox it became more obvious that the clutch was indeed worn and the dual mass flywheel was seized solid.
The whole job was fully completed at a cost less than the original price of the genuine parts alone. 👍👍👍
*notice the heatspots on the clutch pressure plate and the DMF surfaces. It was simply a matter of time before this clutch failed completely creating a breakdown situation*
Audi A4 with bonnet open next to repair van
Underside of Audi A4 with clutch trolley
clutch trolley beneath car
Audi A4 bonnet open awaiting repair, parts on ground
Replacement parts for clutch and flywheel

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