We were contacted by this customer for a  car service and inspection on this Vauxhall Corsa.
In the days running up to the service being carried out, the customer informed us of an intermittent engine problem in the form of warning lights flickering on the dashboard.
Therefore we carried out an investigation, by our fully qualified technician, and it became obvious that the coil pack seals had failed and had allowed water ingress corroding the vital contacts between the pack and the sparkplugs.
The old coil pack was therefore stuck in the plug holes and fell apart on removal 😳.
Fortunately we sourced a new part locally and had the vehicle up and running again in no time with a new set of sparkplugs too.
Again this vehicle had a full service and inspection with required repairs completed at his place of work and ready for him when he finished his shift 👍👍👍
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Corsa for service with bonnet open next to Alba Auto Tech van
Inside corsa coil pack
coil pack parts for corsa lain out on floor

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